Реактор из циркониевой стали 20000л/5000л

The excellent corrosion resistance of zirconium materials makes it widely used in chemical plant, especially in the environment where strong acid and alkali take part in the reaction. At present, zirconium materials are widely used in acetic acid, urea, chlorinated polyethylene, pesticides, medicine, environmental protection and other industries. All-zirconium equipment costs are high, which is difficult for general enterprises to bear. Usually, zirconium steel explosive composite material is used to make equipment, which can meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, strength and reduce the cost of equipment; however, because of the small plate size (about 6), high cost and large environmental impact on production; after years of research and development, our company adopts rolling composite technology to produce new zirconium steel composite plate, the plate width can reach 2000* > 6000 (mm) (> 12), and finished. It can be 25-30% lower than explosive welding clad plate, and can be put into industrial application.

The corrosion resistance of zirconium is better than that of stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloy. With the increasing demand for safety and environmental protection, petroleum and chemical industries put forward higher requirements for the safety and reliability of equipment. Therefore, zirconium materials are more and more used in acetic acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, urea, chlorinated polyethylene, pesticides and other production devices.

A pesticide enterprise in Yangzhou has replaced 16 20,000 L enamel kettles with zirconium steel composite kettles because of bad working conditions. Our company has provided four rolled clad plate reactor for them. The first one was delivered in July 2017. So far, it is in good condition. According to customer feedback, the new type of zirconium steel composite reactor is heated by external tube, which improves the heat transfer efficiency by 20% compared with the original enamel reactor. It can withstand the condition of rapid cold and heat, and increase the work efficiency by 25%.

A company in Nantong has provided 2 5 000 L zirconium steel composite reactor, and a company in Kunshan has provided a 5 000 L zirconium steel reactor, which has been put into use and has received good customer feedback.