Система очистки газов

In our country, the air pollution situation is worse at present, among which the industrial exhaust emission pollution is more serious. It has become a huge obstacle to urban economic development and social progress in China. In order to protect the atmospheric environment, we must first start from the source, control and control the pollution sources which damage the atmospheric environment. Our company has developed a set of environmental protection equipment which is in line with the national environmental protection industry policy, can ensure that the discharge standards are up to the standard and economic, efficient counter-current turbulence, spray washing gas treatment equipment and other environmental protection equipment. Gas-liquid countercurrent turbulence and spray scrubbing are used to remove or recover harmful components (such as dust, SO2, HCl, HF, NOx, etc.) from the gas in order to achieve the purpose of gas purification/treatment.

Device features:

The gas-liquid contact (foam area) of the treated flue gas and absorption liquid is carried out in a vertical turbulent pipe outside the tower.

The core of counter flow spray technology is the formation of simulated foam area. It is caused by the reverse contact between the absorption liquid and the flue gas, so that the two achieve the momentum balance of their physical properties, thus forming the foam area. The foam region is a turbulent, gas-liquid reverse collision and a rapidly gas-liquid mixing area on the liquid surface. In this region, high efficiency mass and heat transfer can be achieved to a great extent; furthermore, due to the constant evaporation of water in unconstrained absorption solution, the flue gas is cooled close to the temperature of absorption solution; the decrease of temperature reduces the equilibrium partial pressure of acidic gas in the gas phase, and promotes the continuous reaction of acidic gas with absorption solution, which can realize the rapid cooling of flue gas and the absorption of acidic components. Dust increases the three main effects of humidity removal. Because of the special runner design of large-caliber open nozzle, a large number of small droplets are produced without atomization, which is conducive to gas-liquid separation. The process adopts multi-stage washing method to enhance the removal efficiency of harmful components in flue gas.

Segmented processing

On the device, in view of various complex situations with different components/conditions of flue gas sources, the combination of pretreatment technology and back-stream countercurrent spraying is adopted to solve the environmental protection problems thoroughly and make the treated flue gas discharge up to the standard. According to the flue gas situation, the counter-current spraying in the back section is to solve the problem by means of multi-stage treatment.

All nozzles can avoid rapid wear, scaling and blockage. The nozzle material is made of silicon carbide or equivalent materials. The design of nozzle and pipeline is convenient for maintenance, flushing and replacement. The upper part of the counter-current tower is the spray gas ripening zone, and the lower part is the collection zone of the absorbent liquid. Compared with the traditional spray tower, these devices have the advantages of low spray tower height, compact structure and convenient layout and management. Its cost has also been reduced by a considerable margin.

Application object

A. Dust removal, desulfurization and dechlorination of flue gas from coal-fired boilers, metallurgical kilns, cement and building refractory kilns and 6-670 t/h steam boilers in power plants.

B. Purification/treatment of harmful components of tail gas in metallurgical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Application means

There are many kinds of gas treatment methods, which can be divided into wet process, semi-dry process and dry process according to the process flow. The former is widely used and has higher efficiency. The counter-current spraying and turbulent flushing polyester device is a new type of wet treatment equipment, which has high removal efficiency, outstanding comprehensive performance and can ensure flue gas discharge up to the standard.